Our actions in the field of promoting reading have been met with interest by wonderful people from all the corners of the world, who joined us in this cause, proving that there are no frontiers for the desire of helping.

If you feel that you owe something to the Romanian school, but you’ve came across its lacks and you want to help the future generations to have a better chance at an education that will grant them all the necessary means to have a brighter future, then we invite you to adopt a school!

Your actions will focus long-term on a school, maybe even the one you used to study in when you were a kid, where, together with our team, you will give a book to every child, endow the school library and make sure they make progress during the book clubs organized by a local volunteer.

We are concerned with the real progress of the children from the adopted schools and, in this way, their evolution will be closely supervised by a sociologist, so that the national evaluation will be proof of the enhancement of the level of understanding of the text and the decrease of the illiteracy. You will be informed regularly of the progress that the little ones make and will become a witness to the growth of the next generation of readers!

Dusan Wilms


Book donation in Costeștii din vale

(june 2018)

Doamna Elena Buruiană Cioclov


Workshops about the Romanian Constitution

(may 2018)



Donation in Curcani, Călărași county

(december 2017)

Maria Spanache și Norbert Nolte


Donation in Grivița, Galați county (november 2016)

Dusan Wilms


Donation in Răscăeți, Dâmbovița county (october 2016)

Raluca Gold - Fuchs


Donations in Murighiol, Tulcea county (september 2016)

Dusan Wilms


Donations in Vadu Pașii, Buzău county (september 2016)

Dusan Wilms


Donations in Nana, Oltenița and Luica, Călărași county (june 2016)

Georg Broich


Donations in Vizurești, Dâmbovița county (june 2016)

Dr. Elena Buruiană Cioclov


Donations in Ciocănești, Dâmbovița county (june 2016)

Marian Godină


Donations in Urziceni and Gârbovi, Ialomița county (apri 2016)

Marian Godină


Donations in Budila, Brașov county (march 2016)