Curtea Veche Association continues to motivate young readers through its national program The Books of Childhood and awards 2000 lei to the most active book club involved in the project. The prize is granted In Memoriam Jean Stanovici by his daughter.

Jean Stanovici was born in Craiova almost one hundred years ago and was a well know business man with remarkable accomplishments in the real estate domain, in Romania and abroad. His family had their properties confiscated by the communist regime and he had to swim across the Danube river in order to rebuild his life elsewhere. Once he arrived in France, he has done everything in his power to obtain the French citizenship so that he could work side by side with those who welcomed him in their country. He didn’t allow himself to be discouraged by the fact that he didn’t know anybody there and being strong willed as a result of having confronted many dangers, he dedicated his life to ameliorating the lives of those around him and to educating his children.

To commemorate his legacy, his daughter supports education through reading and will offer a 2000 lei award to the most active students who participate to the book clubs founded by the Curtea Veche Association in the rural areas. The prize is to be used exclusively to acquire educational materials, writing materials and equipment that facilitates access to education and information.

In the image we have Mr. Jean Stanovici with Evelyne Stanovici.

The Jean Stanovici Award 2018

Between the 50 book clubs founded since the beginning of 2018, the winner is the one from the Middle School in Amărăștii de Jos, Dolj county, coordinated by Elena Cărăsel and Violeta Modan.

Every month, the children were involved in activities that combined reading, informal teaching methods and art-based learning (painting, music, creative writing, debating and acting). These activities were freely provided by the Curtea Veche Association in order to become in the future a reference for good practices.

The award ceremony for Middle School in Amărăștii de Jos will take place on October 26 2018.